If you're staying in on this Halloween night and need a festive movie to watch, the most popular choice of a horror flick in North Dakota could be to your liking.

According to CableTV.com, the most popular horror movie in North Dakota is "The Dawn of the Dead." While it wasn't specified whether it's the 1978 version written and directed by George A. Romero, or the 2004 remake, directed by Zack Snyder, we're going to go with the George A. Romero direction to be the pick.

The data was compiled by seeking out Google trends in each state when it comes to horror movies. Montana and Michigan also found "Dawn of the Dead" to be the most popular movie in their state. It seems the most popular scary movie in the U.S. goes to "The Ring," as it was number one in 18 states.

Throughout the country, when what the scariest movie is, the consensus named Stephen King's "IT" despite the fact that it wasn't clear whether it was the original or the remake that came out in September of this year.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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