If you're anything like me (probably not), you watch way too much Netflix.

As I've previously mentioned on my show 'Big Stuff in the Afternoon with Jax,' there's a good chance I probably watch more TV and/or Netflix than any other human being on the planet, let alone, North Dakota. Therefore, when I saw what the most popular show in the state on Netflix was, I celebrated in a fit of glee. It happens to be "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt."

The show, a comedy created by Tina Fey, stars Ellie Kemper as the titular character. Her character was once led to join a doomsday cult and live underground for several years before being rescued and attempting to adjust to modern society. From there, hilarity ensues as you can imagine would happen with anything that is written by Tina Fey. There are several guest stars and cameos throughout the show that only add even more craziness. Of course, since this is the most popular show on Netflix in North Dakota, I really just wasted a paragraph on telling you the premise.

In terms of shows that take place in certain regions around the country, it's no surprise that "House of Cards" is popular in the Washington, D.C. region, "Portlandia" is most popular in Oregon, and "Parks & Rec" is most popular in Indiana, just to name a few. For the full map of what each state prefers on Netflix, click here.

Source: MentalFloss


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