Gas prices are rebounding and many jobs are still available in North Dakota,  but not in the oil field...for right now, but wait!  Some say the rise in fuel prices are due to a more expensive summer mixture of gasoline. But, one source says, "get ready, it's not a matter of if, it's when", speaking of the next boom in the Bakken.

According to Oil, the town of Williston has been put on notice  from  the top states oil regulator "get ready, the drilling and jobs are coming back".

I think everyone knew the oil jobs would rebound when the oil prices would rise again, but will it come back so soon? After all, it was attractive for many to move to Western North Dakota, as many have in the boom days, when low level manual jobs paid as much as $90,000 annually without a college degree.

During the boom, the housing and rental prices in the Williston area had the highest rent in the nation, even more than New York City. We saw many men move to the area, leave their families behind, and would work in these high paying jobs and send the paycheck back home mainly because these men could not find these types of high paying jobs in their home state, for many, they also not afford to move their family to North Dakota or some families just did not want to move to North Dakota or could not find affordable or available housing in the area.

Andrew Burton / Getty

According to the website, with oil prices climbing higher and higher, we are about to see the oil patch fire back up. Drilling crews are going to kick it into high gear. Many companies will be re-entering back into the Bakken looking to make up lost time. Thousands of workers will be needed in every area of the oilfield.

“This is going to come back pretty hard and pretty rapidly,” a speaker told members of Williston’s Chamber of Commerce. “And we’ll be back running to stay ahead of it.”

According to the webpage, the projection is for 40,000 permanent jobs in the oil field, and if this is true, this will bring the towns population from 30,000 to close to  80,000.

The oil companies are ready to get back to drilling in The Bakken. Another factor is the cost of drilling in North Dakota, it's cheaper to drill here! According to the source, we are days away from another oil boom in the Bakken,