If not for social media, I would be unaware of all the car thefts happening all around us.

I don't know one single person who has had a car stolen.  My teeny-bopper mom once absconded with her future hubby's car. Stole it right from the malt shop! It was a more innocent time, but genetically, her felonious history may inform some of my own questionable history. But I'm past all that I think.

There's grand theft auto happening every week on Facebook!

At least there were back in colder temps when people would leave their cars running while they quickly ran into the store. Dopey really. If you think it's too cold to shut off your car, what about the freezing folks that don't have defrost where they're huddling?

There's opportunity theft and then there are targeted felons who work year-round.

Is it stupid for me to admit I don't lock my car? A few years back, people kept shattering folks' car windows to steal their sweet stuff.  What if I just took my sweet stuff inside and all you had to steal was my registration and insurance card from two years ago. I'm current, my card in my car may not be.

Even if you didn't steal anything...I'd be pissed as hell that you were in my car!

But, at least I'm not replacing my car windows. If you want to look into the methodology of how they come out with the "Hot-Wheels" list from NICB feel free to click here.  Before we get to their mostly recent list of most thieved North Dakota vehicles...let's take a peek at the most "borrowed" vehicles nationwide

Top 10 Stolen Vehicles in 2020

#      Vehicle Make & Model  TheftsIncrease from 2019      Most Common Model Year Stolen
1Ford Full Size Pick-up  44,014            13.0%                    2006
2Chevrolet Full Size Pick-up  40,968            25.7%                    2004
3Honda Civic  34,144              2.8%                    2000
4Honda Accord  30,814              0.2%                    1997
5Toyota Camry  16,915              8.0%                    2019
6Nissan Altima  14,668              9.8%                    2020
7GMC Full Size Pick-up  13,016            16.6%                    2005
8Toyota Corolla  12,515              3.1%                    2020
9Honda CR-V  12,309             21.9%                    2000
10Dodge Full Size Pick-up  11,991               6.2%                    2001


Top Ten Most Stolen Vehicles In North Dakota

Going back a year for this list...but thanks to the supply chain issues, cars haven't much changed in the last two years.

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