As much as we want and like to stay healthy, sometimes it's just easier said than done.

I smashed an unfortunate amount of deep-fried food last night, so I thought it would lift my spirits to see what everyone else loves to snack on.

As it turns out, I found that did a survey to find which snacks were the favorites in all 50 states.

They looked at google trends data to find which delicious treats people were looking to buy.

Most States

Sour Patch Kids, Animal Crackers, and Kit Kats came up quite a bit.

Overall, according to the source, the nation's favorite snack is *Drumroll please* Sour Patch Kids. I'm surprised by this because, as much as I loved the commercials, I never could get on board with the treat.

The second and third-highest-ranking snacks in the country are Pringles and Starburst, according to the source. --I find Starbursts surprising, too, as the pink ones are one of two flavors most people will eat out of the entire bag.

North Dakota

What snacks are North Dakota's favorites? North Dakota actually has a top three when it comes to favorite snacks.


3. Twizzlers - I get that there are tons of people in North Dakota that love these; I'm just not sure how that's possible. Sure, they are fun t pull apart and play with, but eat... not so much in my opinion. Sorry!


2. Starbursts - Starbursts, otherwise known as filling disrupters, are in the number two spot. I have a love-hate relationship with these guys. I love them, my teeth, not so much.


1. Kit Kats - I'm relieved to see we have at least one chocolate bar on the top list. I'm a chocolate fanatic,


There you have it! Those are the most popular snacks in North Dakota for 2023.

Indulge & thanks for reading!


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