It's almost time to get back to school, so I thought it would be fun to look at what North Dakotans are saying is their favorite subject.

If You Ask Me

If you ask me, I'd have a hard time naming a favorite -- school wasn't my thing. I'd easily tell you that math was my LEAST favorite, but we're trying to be positive here.

The Survey

A company called "Private Tutoring at Home" did a survey; it found which subject was each state's favorite. To get these findings, they looked at the Google Trends search volume over a 12 month period. The survey narrowed the search down to 8 common school subjects.

So, before I give you North Dakota's let's look at what the most popular subject are in the country.


Overall Favorite

Overall the source named Health as the number one favorite subject in the U.S. There were 14 states that it as their most popular subject. It's not surprising, is it? The need for healthcare has been growing exponentially over the years, and people love to help others.


The Northeast

Remind me never to move to a Northeastern state, because if I do, I definitely won't fit in. The favorite subject in those states is MATH.

The source says this is mainly due to Harvard, Princeton, and MIT being in those areas.


North Dakota

Okay, the subject North Dakotans like the most is Geography. I guess we love studying the Earth's physical features. Do you agree with this finding?

I'll admit this might be one of my weakest subjects. Never ask me to find a country on a map. Spare me the humiliation.

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