Tina Lawson is clearing the air about Beyonce leaving the 2016 BET Awards early.

Beyonce gave an electrifying opening performance at the 2016 BET Awards last weekend but wasn't around to accept her four trophies later on that night. Luckily, her mom, Tina Lawson, was at hand to accept it on Bey's behalf. During the acceptance speech, Lawson relayed that Bey had to run to London to continue the European leg of her Formation World tour, but fans quickly pulled up the schedule and showed that Bey's next performance wasn't until two days after the BET Awards.

“First of all I did make a mistake on the city and the day,” read a two-part (now deleted) Instagram post by Lawson. “I asked why did she have to leave early and was told by a member of her staff that ‘she had to get back in time for her concert’ and that she actually should have been there 2 days before, as the tour has been down for a month I assumed the date was Monday and the city was London."

Lawson went on to point out that she has no reason to be dishonest on public television in the age of the internet. "I then want to ask what would be the point of lying to the public and knowing that anyone could see when the date was. Any one with good sence [sic] could see that ! I am hurt and disappointed because I know what kind of work, sacrifice , and personal Money it took for her to do this show and support the Bet Award show and to give her fans that did not get to attend the concert a piece of her show," it read.