A truck with a camper and a train collided in Berthold this week.

On Wednesday, September 15, the Berthold Police Department posted images of a truck and camper that collided with a train. There was no information on potential injuries at the time of the posting, and there have been no updates at the time of this post. But some of the comments stated what most of us are probably thinking, "HOW DO PEOPLE NOT SEE TRAINS COMING?"

NEWSFLASH: Trains can't stop.

I have not had to cross paths with many trains in Bismarck, but I know these accidents happen here too. In fact, earlier this year, there was a person hit and killed when he was walking across train tracks downtown. It is a scary thing, and hard to imagine how this can happen.

What could be so urgent that life is worth risking to beat the train across the tracks? I have a lifelong phobia of trains, so I am always extra cautious around tracks. It is not worth the risk to tempt fate when trying to avoid being parked at a train. If you need some pointers on train safety, the United States Department of Transportation has a few tips.

There have been several instances where I have watched people play chicken with the train. I have seen people race through the arms as they are lowering. I have also witnessed a person drive into the ditch to go around the already-lowered arms. Luckily, I have never witnessed an accident.

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