Imagine you're driving home after work, like you do every single day. Except tonight, you get pulled over. Great. You think, "Was I speeding?" "Do I have a light out?" "What did I do?" While you're wracking your brain with what you could've possibly done, you notice that the cop who pulled you over does not appear to be a cop.

That sounds like it could be the opening scene for a cheesy horror flick, but it's not. It's reality. And it happened just one state away. Monday night, there were three separate claims in two Minnesota counties of a person impersonating a police officer.

Women in Becker County (think Detroit Lakes area) and Clay County (think Moorhead area) reported being pulled over by a man in white Jeep. The man had white and blue flashing lights on his Jeep. One report describes that man as 25-30 years-old, 6'0 tall, with a goatee, wearing a black winter hat and a dark jacket with what appeared to be a radio microphone on the lapel.

The man did approach all of these women's vehicles, and asked for IDs for various reasons. At least one of the women thought to ask the man for his credentials. He then went back to his vehicle and fled.

These are terrifying incidents that are happening very close to home. Always make sure you speak up in an uncomfortable situation. It is better to be safe than sorry.

The Becker County Sheriff's Office is looking for information and they can be contacted at 218-847-2661.

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