Have you ever wondered how many UFO sightings have been reported in North Dakota?

Have you ever wondered when the first UFO sighting happened in North Dakota? I have, so I decided to do a little investigating.

The First Sighting In North Dakota

According to prairiepublic.org North Dakota's first UFO sighting occurred in 1948. It was reported by a Fargo pilot; the source says the Air Force investigated the siding but ruled it as a weather balloon.

The 1967 Sighting

The source said many years later another sighting was reported in 1967 by a police officer near Mohall and Velva. The following year, in 1968, a UFO was seen near Minot Air Force Base, and was witnessed by nearly 20 people for more than three hours, according to the source

The 1975 Sighting & Abduction

One of the most well-known UFO sightings in North Dakota happened in August 1975. A woman named Sandy Larson, her 15-year-old daughter Jackie, and Jackie’s boyfriend, Terry O’Leary saw a craft.

According to How Stuff Works, they woke up early that morning and had plans to travel approximately 200 miles away. It was 4 AM and they were 45 miles west of Fargo on interstate 94 when they saw an unidentified flying object. The source says they saw a flash, and heard a rumbling sound, and observed 8 to 10 glowing objects with smoke around them, and one was larger than the others.

The source says they were under the impression that the smaller objects came out of the larger one. Interestingly enough, the source says that the witnesses felt an odd sensation like they’ve been frozen or stuck for a second or two. They also reported a loss of time.

This isn’t just a UFO sighting, according to the source, the witnesses claim they were abducted. They underwent hypnosis and revealed that they remembered being outside of the car in a state of paralysis, and claimed a 6 foot tall robot, like being had put them on a table and put and performed medical procedures on them.


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