Sexually transmitted diseases are a serious problem in every state. Some significantly more than others.

Have you ever wondered which STD is the most common in our state? did a study, looking at reported cases for several STD's for the year 2023. It ranked the states by STD infection rates, and evaluated each STD individually, totaling up the number of cases.

State With The Highest Infection Rate

According to the source, the state with the highest STD rate is Mississippi. This has been the case for the past several years.

According to, Mississippi's STD rate is 1,291.4 per 100k.

Louisiana has the second highest STD rate at 1,058 per 100k.

States With The Lowest Infection Rates

The state that is clearly teaching Sex-Ed better than all the others is Vermont. The infection rate for the state is the lowest in the country at 201 per 100k.

Vermont is followed by New Hampshire and Maine.

State(s) With The Most Cases Overall

If we are talking about the highest number of reported infections, states with higher populations would have the biggest numbers. Such states include: California, New York, and Texas.

North Dakota

According to, North Dakota currently ranks at #38 in terms of STD infection rates (802 per 100k). And the most popular STD in North Dakota is Chlamydia, with 3, 562 cases reported this year.

Gonorrhea is the second most popular STD in the state, with 1,660 cases reported.

Wrapping Things Up... 

This information may make you a little uncomfortable and concerned, but I hope you take this it as a sign to be extra careful and health conscious.


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