We see this way too much, and unfortunately, the videos of clear violence at a sporting event don't seem to bother us

Almost at any huge sporting event, there are fights in the stands, involving of course people who have come to root for their team. These are people who probably have never seen the assailant before. Alcohol usually "fuels the fire" and kick-starts these stupid violent fan fights. The crazy thing is that professional sports are not only the arena where flailing fists go flying, sometimes you can find overly aggressive actions at high school or even college games. This is an incident where 22-year-old Tyrese Murph has hopefully learned that assault is ASSAULT, even at a sporting event.

Omaha, Nebraska the site of the alleged assault

In a recent college hockey game between the University of North Dakota and the University of Nebraska Omaha Mavericks, things got pretty ugly in the stands. According to the grandforksherald.com "Tyrese Murph, 22, allegedly got into a “verbal altercation” with Stephen Thomas, 60... Police claim Murph pushed Thomas down a set of about 20 stairs at the arena, causing a large head wound". This took place on March 4th, and as of the 7th, he was still in custody. Murphy was extremely lucky for the fact that at first he was charged with felony assault but as grandforksherald.com reported that the charge "...at least for the moment, was knocked down to a misdemeanor because police didn't forward photos of Thomas' injury to prosecutors quickly enough..."

The lesson here is you strike someone, shove someone, physically hurt someone, that is an assault, and thankfully just because you are at a sporting event doesn't mean you get a free pass.

The good news is that Thomas was hospitalized for only one day.


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