A University of North Dakota student was killed in a plane crash on Monday night.

North Dakota was shocked last night when it was announced that a University of North Dakota student was killed in a plane crash. According to Valley News LiveJohn Hauser, a commercial aviation student from Chicago, was flying a plane owned by the University of North Dakota when he went down. The crash is reportedly under investigation.

The university is offering grief counseling to students.

Valley News Live shared a message from the university which offers counseling and support for students. While this whole event is beyond tragic, I commend UND for immediately sending out the message that students can get help dealing with this. When I was in high school, we were not offered anything like that when a student died.

When tragedy struck my high school, there was no counseling offered.

In my junior year of high school, I had this gym class buddy who was a year or two younger than I was. We always laughed and had fun during our weights class. One week, I noticed that he had not been to class, but I only thought that he was sick - I mean, it was winter almost winter in North Dakota, which is prime sickness season. But, about a week after I last saw him, my homeroom teacher revealed something horrifying.

The kid was not sick at all. In fact, he was killed in a hunting accident the weekend before he did not come back to school. He was out on a fun family hunting trip that ended tragically. I was so shocked because I had just seen him before that. We were never offered the chance to talk to anyone about the tragedy.

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