The task of finding a new nickname for the University of North Dakota came one step closer to completion Monday night as the committee tasked with finding the new name narrowed the over 1,000 names submitted down to a list of 64.

Over 2 meetings, the committee when through all 1,172 names on the considered list to make an initial determination of which ones would stay. If any member voted 'yea' to the name, it stayed on the list.

The list of 64 will now be further vetted by the committee to narrow the possible list down further. The new nickname will be vetted using a series of attributes that the new nickname must contain, including:

  • Be unique, recognizable, inspiring and distinctly UND's.
  • Promote a sense of pride, strength, fierceness and passion.
  • Be representative of the state and region in a way that honors the traditions and heritage of the past but also looks to the future.
  • Be a unifying and rallying symbol

While the vetting process is happening, consulting firm PadillaCRT, who is working with the committee, will go through and purchase domain names for all 64 names on the list to prepare for any eventuality.

The list of names still under consideration can be found here.

h/t: Bismarck Tribune