If you've ever felt the University of North Dakota website was pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate, you're not alone! It's aesthetics and ease of use earned its way to the top of an elite list of college websites.

Applying for college is already a stressful time and when thinking about what school you want to attend, an ugly, hard-to-navigate website can make things that much more stressful.

Fortunately, anyone navigating the University of North Dakota website, can do so stress free... or at least with less stress than other college websites.

According to OnlineCollegePlan.com, which ranked the best college websites on a variety of factors, the University of North Dakota has the third best college website in the entire nation.

In order to make the determination, OnlineCollegePlan.com looked at these factors:

  • Quality of Information Provided (10%): Does the school provide quality information?;

  • Quantity of Information Provided (10%): Is the information provided adequate?;

  • Site Navigation (35%): Is it easy to find information on the site?;

  • Site Functionality (35%): Does the site function well? and;

  • Site Layout and Scheme (10%): Is the site pleasing to look at?

Now that you know this, go ahead and take this opportunity to look at their quality information giving-easy navigating-well functioning-aesthetically pleasing website.

But be sure to come back here when you're done because school is boring and radio is fun!