A North Dakota family reels in Great White Shark while on vacation

National headlines were made after a spring break trip to South Florida. News outlets across the country were talking about this as one might say, "Catch Of A Lifetime". For this lucky group of friends from Colfax, North Dakota; it will be a trip never forgotten.

North Dakota Anglers Experience South Florida As Few Ever Will

A father-son outing of 3 fathers and their sons booked a fishing excursion that became "something pretty amazing" according to Shaun Jacobson in an InForum interview. The group of six friends left off the coast of Fort Lauderdale, Florida with their guide never in their dreams expecting what would happen on this adventure. According to the InForum, 12-year-old Eli Reiger hooked what was thought a normal fish, however, this wasn't an ordinary fight as the tugging was shocking and all could hear the massive rod going.

The fathers jumped into action, switching off every 30 or so cranks according to 8-year-old Easton Moch, InForum. The battle continued for over an hour on the open ocean, almost as though a scene from the movie "Jaws". All the while, the men and captain were unaware of what they truly were battling in this epic fight.


Surprising all on board, and thankfully filmed, as it was finally reeled in was that of a Great White Shark. The stats and what makes this even more of a headline story.

This Great White Shark was 8 feet in length, and 600 pounds! WATCH VIDEO!

The 20-year veteran captain, Adam Reckert of Good Hit Sportfishing, guides fulltime and this is only the second great white shark he has ever landed making this a very rare feat. The kids did name the shark before releasing it, COLFAX CRUSHER now lives on in the depths off the coast of Fort Lauderdale.

Prior to release, proper measurements were taken to be used by a taxidermist to have replicas made for the group of fishermen. Here is a local Florida news outlet story.

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