Alex Chacon documented his 600-day journey around the world through a GoPro camera on a stick.

Chacon lives out his dream by traveling the world as an adventure rider, public speaker and photographer/videographer. He calls these adventures the 'Modern Motorcycle Diaries,' as his main source of transportation is a motorbike.

Chacon does not only visit the landmarks of different countries, he takes takes you on all sorts of adventures as he explores underwater, bungee jumps and paraglides.

'Modern Motorcycle Diaries' does more than give us a unique perspective of the world, Chacon's journey is used to help the less fortunate.  He spent time with children in each Latin American country he visited and found ways to raise money for charities along the way, even though he was running low on money himself.

For more information on Alex Chacon and his mission, visit the 'Modern Motorcycle Diaries' website.

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