Anytime I hear "TikTok Challenge" I Just know I'll be hearing about something REALLY stupid immediately following

Let me ask you this? Has there ever been anything productive or positive about a "TikTok Challenge?" I would guess not -  let's explore some of the REALLY dumb ones they have had in the past.

These are simply dangerous and just plain stupid...

...and DEADLY by the way. Not too long ago I heard about the Benadryl Challenge - this was put out with the intention of seeing how many Benadryls (  an antihistamine typically used for cold and allergy symptoms ) a person could take - which has resulted in some deaths around the country -  Then there is the Blackout Challenge - encouraging kids in asphyxiation to the point of temporary unconsciousness. Here is a list put out - 7 Dangerous TikTok Challenges For Kids That Parents MUST Know About -  Once again, STUPID and DEADLY.

I came across this one last week, and it came from a mom -

I shook my head even more when I read this - images of a sea of broken arms, broken legs, you name it - you thought daredevil Evil Knieval's famous video of his Ceasar Palace crash was horrendous, you haven't seen anything yet, AND I hope we never do - this mother has invented “The Trampoline of Death.” - The   reported “Just like a slip n’ slide” In the original TikTok, a mom recommends “a trampoline, sprinkler, and dish soap” to “entertain your kid for more than an hour.”

Well her TikTok video has been removed

Now this whole thing just boggles my mind, What kind of moron hopes that others will follow suit? PLEASE don't even think about it - we all know just how damn tricky it is to jump on a trampoline without falling off the sides - this is like clogging in quicksand.


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