You have a higher probability of hitting a deer with your car in North Dakota than in most states.

According to a list compiled by State Farm Insurance, the probability of motorists hitting a deer ranks North Dakota 11th out of all 50 states. With deer mating season happening during the months of  October, November, and December, the chances of colliding with a large animal increase on the roads.

State Farm has provided the following tips to avoid such a problem:

  • Slow down, particularly at dusk and dawn
  • If you see one deer, be prepared for more deer to cross the road
  • Pay attention to deer crossing signs
  • Always buckle up, every trip, every time
  • Use your high beams to see farther, except when there is oncoming traffic
  • Brake if you can, but avoid swerving, which could result in a more severe crash
  • Remain focused on the road, scanning for hazards, including animals
  • Avoid distractions, like devices or eating, which might cause you to miss seeing an animal
  • Do not rely on products such as deer whistles, which are not proven effective
  • If riding a motorcycle, always wear protective gear and keep focus on the road ahead

The probability of hitting a deer or large animal in North Dakota is 1 in 91. West Virginia topped the list with a probability of 1 in 41.