We have a lot of farmers and ranchers in North Dakota, and we are, after all, a midwestern state. With that, it makes sense that a lot of us wear cowboy hats.

If you're new to wearing a cowboy hat in North Dakota, you better know the rules.

Luckily, I've spoken to some cowboy-hat-wearing friends and compiled a list of do's and don'ts.

Let's dive in.

Wearing A Cowboy Hat In North Dakota


1. Take It Off

This rule can be applied to when you are inside generally, but many don't abide by that rule here. That said, you absolutely should take off your cowboy hat during the national anthem.

Other Places You May Want To Leave The Hat At Home:

Weddings & Funerals

2. Hold It Right

When you go to grab a cowboy hat, it should never be by the brim; you always grab it from the top.


3. Tip It

This rule may seem a little old school, but if we're being perfectly honest, it's kind of hot. Tip your hat to a lady, and you might just land a date.


4. Don't Touch

This rule applies to every kind of hat. There's no greater disrespect than touching someone else's hat without asking first. If you knock a hat off a person's head, get ready to brawl.


There You Have It

Those are the only rules I'm aware of, but ask a farmer or rancher friend if you're ever in doubt and/or need tips on cleaning, maintenance, or other cowboy hat-related issues.


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