I have a very happy belly Taco John's and the Good Time's team stopped by the HOT 975 studio everyday this week.

Check out the delicious menu items I got to experience:

1) Fish Taco's from Taco John's - yummy white fish, pico di gallo and a dash of lime are a perfect treat for Lent observers.

2) Taco Tuesday's- Hard shell and soft shell taco's filled with fresh ground beef, cheese, lettuce and your favorite taco sauce. Grab a bag and get a side of the Potato Ole's too.

3) Taco John's Breakfast Burrito- filled with pork, bacon or sausage and mixed with scrambled eggs, potato ole's, peppers, tomatoes and onions. I call this burrito the ultimate happy belly.

4) Good Time's Frozen Custard- silky,creamy,sweet, hand whipped. Eat it and you feel like you are back at a malt shop.

5) Old Fashioned Friday's Cheeseburger and hand cut French Fries- yes I devoured what you see in the picture today! So good and did you know the Old Fashioned Burger is just $1.29. The hand cut fries are you can't stop at just one.

Don't know what to eat this weekend, I just gave you a bunch of ideas and let them know HOT 975 sent you!