I've been very fortunate when it comes to "pandemic shopping." I luckily haven't had a hard time finding most of my household essentials. Also, I always have backups of cleaning supplies, toilet paper and paper towels, and hand soap (thank you, Bath & Body Works sales and coupons). But that doesn't mean I haven't run low or out of items. Months after the start of the pandemic, I'm still having trouble finding items on my shopping list.

By no means have I been a panic buyer, but I shop once a week for everything we need, and there are items I consistently can't cross off my list. I feel like most of them are weird items, too. I hear that people can't find toilet paper, hand soap, and hamburger meat. I've not once had an issue finding any of  those items.

Check out my list of things I can't find in the gallery below. It's not that I necessarily am desperately on the lookout for these items, but I do wish they would be back in stock. Is there anything you consistently can't find on your grocery excursions?

10 Things I Can't Find Since The Pandemic

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