What age do you think people feel the least happy in life? I'm sure there are plenty exterior factors that can play a major role in someone's happiness.

If you consider weather, I'm sure we all feel least happy during the winter with the long, dark days of the season in North Dakota. Our winters can seem like they last forever! On the flip side, if you enjoy outdoor sports like hunting, ice fishing and snowmobiling, the winter can seem like the best season ever. Other factors can contribute to happiness including health, job and financial stability. Plus the term 'happy' is subjective from one person to another.

The Bank of America Merrill Lynch team led by Beijia Ma used data from Nielsen that shows people's self-reported well-being at various stages in their live. The age when people are the least happy according to this report is the early 50's. Contributing factors can be empty nest syndrome, thinking about retirement and financial retirement plans. Another interesting fact is today's average early 50-year-old is not as happy as today's 80-year-old.

John Moore / Getty Images

Today's 20-year-olds are the happiest!