Something looked different when I drove by the Rebuild Nutrition shop off of South Washington (625 S. Washington). The shop's sign is down, and if you look closely, you can see a new name written in window-chalk. It reads "Feelz Good Nutrition."

While I was able to find a "Feel Good Nutrition" on Interstate Ave in Bismarck, I haven't found anything on "Feelz Good Nutrition" -- with a "Z."


The Plot Thickens

I remember going into Rebuild and thinking "Wow, this is a nice little shop." It was well decorated and inviting. So, what happened? Why the close? Who now owns it?

I haven't been into the store since the change, so I'm curious as to whether it looks the same or at least similar.

Others That Closed

I tried to contact the owners of "Feel Good Nutrition" to see if they also owned this new business (Feelz Good) on South Washington, only to discover that Feel Good is also permanently closed.

Another Nutrition shop called "Healthy Living ND" is also showing up in search results as "Temporarily closed."

I reached out to the multiple nutrition shops mentioned, though, some their phone lines had been disconnected. I also reached out to others in the area who may have been affiliated with the ones closing and received confirmation they are, indeed, closed for business.


The End Of An Era?

Is our market a little too flooded with these stores? Have they lost their allure and run their course? -- I hope not; their pink starburst tea is delish.

If You Didn't Know:

Rebuild & Feel Good Nutrition (Different owners) were one of many nutrition tea and shake shops in Bismarck. While you might not think that sounds too appetizing, I have to admit the shakes and teas were pretty great, and this is coning from a very picky person.

These shops have Herbalife protein products in their drinks, and market themselves on being meal replacements and that their products are energy boosting. People tend to indulge post workout.


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Here's what I found:


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