Gobble-Gobble! Parades, football and stuffing your tummy! That pretty much represents the holiday. Even on the holiday, we here at Townsquare Media still have to report the news. Here is my contribution for the holiday.

Here are the most researched recipes by state. I found this very interesting! I think you'll scratch your head as I did! According to the New York Times, it's obvious turkey would win this week. Instead, these are the most unusual researched recipes by state. Let me break this down for you, I can tell that you're a bit confused.

The dishes you see listed here are the result of the analysis. The numbers next to each dish indicate how much more popular searches for it were in a given a state than in the rest of the country during the week of Thanksgiving over the past 10 years. In Michigan, for example, “cheesy potatoes” is 9 times more commonly searched (relative to population size) than in the rest of the country.

You should not interpret the dishes here as the most iconic Thanksgiving recipes in each state, or even a state's favorite dish. It’s possible that some dishes are so central to a state’s culture that people there don’t need to search for them on the web, for instance. But an academic research.

Now that we have that out of the way, let's take a ganger (a little turkey expression-play on words) at the neighboring states.

Minnesota - Wild Rice Casserole

South Dakota  and Iowa- Snicker Salad

Montana- Fruit Salad

Royce DeGrie / Getty Images

Drum (stick) roll please! In North Dakota, the most unusual researched recipe is Cookie salad. “Cookie salad” seems like the ultimate culinary oxymoron. It is also searched by North Dakotans a whopping 189 times more frequently than by people in the rest of the country. Danielle Miller, who grew up in Cando, North Dakota, says cookie salad is “kind of a family tradition.” You can find her recipe (involving cookies, pudding and Cool Whip) online, which seems to be where Dakotans do their cookie-salad research.

In my opinion, add some bananas to the mix and you got a hit!