Serious question: How can restaurants mandate masks and still expect their patrons to be able to eat and drink?

Last Wendesday (July 15), the Montana governor mandated that people where masks whenever they are out-and-about, and today (July 22), the governor of Minnesota is expected to make an announcement about a mask mandate in his state. Will North Dakota follow Montana, (possibly) Minnesota, and other states in the statewide mask mandates?

I don't have a problem with the masks. Whether people want to wear them or don't want to wear them, it doesn't bother me. I have opinions and don't desire to wear one, but I also realize that covering up my mouth and nose to try to prevent the spread of germs is not oppressive. But I am honestly still confused about masks in restaurants.

After Montana mask mandate, KFYR-TV reported that a Montana restaurant is finding it hard to enforce customers to wear masks. The argument is that you can't eat or drink while you have a mask on, so what's the point of the mandate in a restaurant that's open for operation? Get the story here.

Again, I am not making a statement for or against masks, but the whole "masks in restaurants" thing makes ZERO sense to me. In a restaurant, you will touch doors, seats, and tables, and you will use menus, silverware, plates, cups, etc. All that stuff was touched by someone else before you touched it and/ or put it to your face/mouth. So, what would be the point of wearing the masks?

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