Do you ever catch yourself driving a little too fast? -- Too fast for me is ten over the speed limit, but for some of us, our speed demon comfort level is a lot higher.


I reached out to the North Dakota State Highway Patrol to find out what was the highest speeding ticket they had ever issued.

I spoke to Sgt. Wade Kadrmas; he told me tracking down information like that from the distant past is quite difficult.

"It is going to be hard to track down the fastest speeding ticket in North Dakota. A lot of times the public focuses on the high number, such as 100 + mph. We should be looking at the largest amount over the posted limits," said Sgt. Kadrmas.

He was able to find a citation that was issued last year and was one of the highest in recent years.


Zoom Zoom

Sometimes, like cats, we get the zoomies. Now, how bad were this person's zoomies? On October 19th, 2022 a state trooper pulled over a motorist going 150 mph in 65 mph zone, putting the driver 46 miles over the speed limit. This incident occurred on Highway 46.


What Kind Of Trouble Do You Get In For That?

I don't know all of the specifics of this particular traffic stop, but what Sgt Kadrmas did show me was that the bond/statutory fee for this incident was a whopping $395. I haven't learned if there were other charges, such as, reckless driving. You would though, wouldn't you?

Something Else To Consider:

Sgt. Wade Kadrmas did share a spreadsheet with the fee schedule for speeding in North Dakota.

"The top rows show the posted speed limit. On the far left column going down is the amount over the posted speed limit. Moving left to right you have the speed in the specified zone at the amount over on the far left column. It then shows you the fine amount and the total points," said Sgt. Kadrmas.

Sgt. Wade Kadrmas, NDSHP
Sgt. Wade Kadrmas, NDSHP


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