We've all seen it; emergency vehicles flashing their lights, coming up behind us at high speeds. Most of us know what to do, some of us don't, and others know, but just don't care.

When an emergency vehicle is headed your way you are supposed to pull over as quickly and safely as possible.

ND's Move Over Law

It's infuriating --watching an ambulance, for example, rush down the road and several cars just stay in the way, and make no attempt to pull over. I mean, really think about it; what if that ambulance was trying to get to you or a loved one?

It's crazy to think that some people don't care and CHOOSE to stand (or drive) in the way of a life or death situation.

So, what does North Dakota's Move Over law state? According to ND.gov, it says,

"If an authorized emergency vehicle is parked or stopped on the interstate system or on a multi-lane highway outside the limits of the city, and an authorized emergency vehicle is displaying a flashing, revolving, or rotating amber, blue, white, or red light; the driver of an approaching vehicle shall proceed with caution and yield the right of way by moving to a lane that is not adjacent to the authorized emergency vehicle if the move may be made with due regard to safety and traffic conditions or if not, the driver shall proceed with due caution, reduce the speed of the vehicle and maintain a safe speed for the road conditions."


Almost every state has a "Move Over" law, and some of the fines are pretty steep. So, what is the fine if you don't get over for emergency vehicles in North Dakota? according to ND.gov, it's only $50.00. It will also result in two points being assessed to your driver's license.


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