All you see in the news lately is reports on Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's blooming relationship. The internet is going nuts.


Taylor Swift has been dating Kelce for a few weeks and it seems things are moving along between the two rather quickly. Taylor has attended two of Kelce's games already, so the question on everyone's minds is obvious. -- Will Taylor be attending his next game?

I'm sure everyone in North Dakota and Minnesota is hoping so.


Travis Kelce

As I'm sure you well know, Travis Kelce is a professional football player. He is the starting tight end for the Kansas City Cheifs. The team's next game will be just 6 hours from North Dakota. Yes, the Cheifs are going up against the Minnesota Vikings.

The game is scheduled for this Sunday (October 8th) at 3:25 pm. If you already have tickets to this game, you might want to be on the lookout for one of the world's most beloved and well-known superstars.


Taylor Swift in Minneapolis??

Seeing as how Taylor has attended Kelce's last two games, it wouldn't be a stretch to think she may be attending this next one in Minneapolis.

Can you imagine the crowd? If she attends the game, I'm sure there will be a swarm of people waiting outside the US Bank Stadium, hoping to catch a glimpse of the celebrity.

Fingers Crossed

Let's keep our fingers crossed that Taylor shows up, and if she does, snap a picture and send it our way! Oh, and also enjoy the football game.

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