Williston Basin International Airport will soon bring back Minneapolis flights through Delta.

While I love living in Western North Dakota, I feel that it is not easy to travel out of here. Even though we can travel to Fargo, there is not a significant city - shopping, events, unique restaurants - within driving distance in any direction. And affordable flights out can be hard to come by. When Delta in Williston suspended their daily Minneapolis flight, the people near that airport lost one of their few convenient flight options out of North Dakota.

KX News is reporting that Williston Basin International Airport (XWA) is now scheduling flights to Minneapolis from Williston for as soon as June 5, 2021. According to the report, "Each Delta flight will be onboard the 50-passenger CRJ200 regional aircraft with flights timed to provide maximum connection opportunities for both business and leisure travelers." Get the full story about Delta flights out of Williston here.

I have never flown out of Williston, so I decided to dig on their website to find out more about their flights. I did not have to dig very far to learn that there are currently only two daily flights in-and-out of XWA - they are both to-and-from Denver, Colorado. I decided to compare those two flights to the flights in-and-out of Bismarck.

At least a person can fly to places like Denver, Las Vegas, and Minneapolis out of Bismarck. However, the flights are not all that affordable. If I wanted to go to Denver this week, it would cost me nearly 800 out of Bismarck.

Do you think affordable flying (and an abundance of it) will ever happen in Western North Dakota?

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