A Williston woman and her stepson are TikTok famous because their viral video about grocery shopping for the whole family. The two have inspired parents to want to teach their kids how to budget. So, what did the the pair do to get so many views?

According to KX News, Jocci Rice was teaching her stepson, Karter, the importance of budgeting while grocery shopping, when she "went viral" for her lesson. Rice posted a video to TikTok of Karter "ballin' on a budget" in Walmart. Karter had $60 to feed his family of four, and the nine-year-old successfully shopped for them all.

Millions of people loved Rice's lesson for Karter. Yes, millions - over 2 million people have viewed the TikTok video. Get the full story about Jocci and Karter's viral video from KX News here.

I do not even have kids, but I think Jocci is an amazing mother for making budgeting a fun "challenge" for Karter. He is learning valuable life skills in a fun way!

Grocery Shopping Budgeting Tips

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