Do something special for Fido this week! It's National Dog Week!

Where does this come from? How did National Dog Week get started? According to Entirely Pets

National Dog Week was founded in 1928 by Captain Will Judy, a 
former publisher of Dog World Magazine and a dog judge. He 
created National Dog Week to educate all dog owners in their 
responsibilities to their pets and to their communities.

I like the idea! It is no surprise that I love a week dedicated to our loyal four legged canines! Have you seen the latest Budweiser commercial against drinking and driving featuring a dog and its owner?  It'll make you grab some tissue.

Jojo, a former Border Collie of mine.

Then I read the story of a dog on dog attack in Bismarck where two loos dogs attacked a 10 year old border collie named Chance while out walking with his owners on Divide. Poor Chance went through hours of surgery at a local vet to get stitched up and reattach one of his ears. That story hits home for me. I have a border collie and I would be beside myself if this type of attack would happen to one of my dogs! Dogs should never roam without being on a leash.  It's loos dogs like these I read about in this story, that give dogs a bad name or even worst, they get hit on the road or something like this happens, where dogs will be dogs and attach another.

My Australian Shepherd, Rightious and my Border Collie, Lushious.

I love my two dogs! They are a part of my life. I take them on vacation with me. It costs an additional $20-$25 per night to have a dog stay with you in a hotel. (for me that's $50 per night) Then you have to find a hotel that accepts pets. Not always an easy task, but in the end, well worth the effort and additional money for the hotel. It never fails, when I take my two dogs traveling with me and we walk through the hotel lobby, not only kids but adults all want to pet, talk and take pictures withe my two dogs. They've become such picture hogs. I bet they take selfies when I'm not home!

Yup, having a dog is a lot of work, responsibility, and it sure does costs you, but in the end, it's all worth it!

Skully, another pet of the past. An Australian Shepherd.

Do something special for your dog this week and celebrate National Dog Week!

(source- Bismarck Tribune and Entirely Pets