The new Legacy High School in northeast Bismarck is gearing up to nurture future legacies of its own, with work on its extensive network of sports fields begun.

The first leg of the $10.5 million project is set to conclude in October of this year, when football and soccer fields are completed. By next spring, an eight-lane track should be ready for use.

Baseball and softball programs, while not slated to break ground for a year yet, will eventually boast two fields apiece, each with one natural-turf surface and one of artificial turf.

The Legacy fields will be open to all pubic sports programs in need of a venue, and will alleviate the numerous scheduling challenges caused in recent years by the population boom in the area.

The Bismarck school district will, however, continue to hold major football and soccer events at the Community Bowl.

The high school itself will be finished this summer, and will include two indoor gyms and wrestling and cardio rooms.