While the act of social distancing has afforded some of us the ability to spend quality time with our loved ones, others aren't in an ideal situation at home. There are kids in our community who need to physically be at school in order to get food and/or structure. Some families are suffering from the economic toll caused by the Coronavirus crisis. Thankfully, there are people and businesses in our community that are here to help people in need.

Hatch Realty Bismarck is on a mission to raise money for BPS families in need. The company has already pledged over $1,000, and they want the Bismarck-Mandan community to help the fund reach its goal of $19,000.

WHAT: COVID-19 Family Assistance Fund

WHEN: NOW - April 30, 2020

WHY: Hatch Realty Bismarck knows that there are children and families struggling during this time. Hatch Realty's goal is to raise $19,000 for BPS families in need by the end of April.

HOW TO HELP: Donate to the COVID-19 BPS Family Assistance Fund on their Facebook page.


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