A nine-year-old Minnesota boy was bitten by a shark on a recent family vacation to Florida.

Life can forever change in the matter of seconds - even while you are enjoying a family vacation. One Minnesota family was barely moments into their getaway when they world nearly came crashing down because of a terrifying event. The family's young child is currently in the hospital for injuries he sustained while playing in the ocean.

According to Kare11 (Minneapolis), a nine-year-old boy from Eagan Minnesota had a near-death experience during a recent family trip to Florida. Before even checking into their hotel for a family vacation, Jay Weiskopf's mom said that the family was innocently playing in the water, not far from shore, when her son was bitten in the shoulder by a four foot shark. Even though Jay's bite caused a scare and a major injury, he will recover and is expected to get back home to Minnesota on Thursday. Learn more about Jay's scary story here.

While I love the beach and the ocean, my biggest fear in the world is any and all sea creatures. And even though shark attacks are rare, they could still happen to anyone. But did you know that sharks never actually mean to bite humans?

Readers Digest  has a list of "13 Things You Didn't Know About Shark Attacks," which features some astonishing facts. For instance, the article states that the chances of a shark biting a person is 1 in 11.5 million! You can learn more shark attack facts here.

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