With North Dakota being far from the ocean, you might be a little hesitant to eat fish, crab, or anything else that may come from the sea. Apparently that's not the case when it comes to this one healthy fish dish.

Japanese's Cuisine A North Dakota Favorite

Sushi is surprisingly popular in North Dakota. Personally, I won't go near it, but if it's your thing, I'll leave you to it. -- I know, I'm uncultured swine for not being a sushi fan. *sigh*

A survey was recently done by shaneco.com to find out which types of sushi are most liked in each state; the most popular type of sushi in North Dakota is... drumroll please... California Rolls.



So, inside a California Roll is avocado, crab or imitation crab (double bleh), rice, cucumber and seaweed. Across the country, this is the most popular type of sushi, but there are a few others that came up quite a bit. The veggie roll, and spicy crab roll are loved by states such as, Colorado, Minnesota, and Michigan.

The Most Questionable Sushi Lovers?

That's easy. I don't know what's going on down in Arkansas, but the most popular sushi is an octopus roll. It comes packed with octopus, fish eggs, and scallions. I can't even imagine what someone's breath would smell like after eating such a thing. I also don't think I could come up with another disgusting ingredient to add. They've pretty much covered all the bases with that one.

I feel like the type of people who eat octopus rolls are the same people who have to take out massive life insurance policies because they're always doing risky things like free solo-ing. They HAVE to be little daredevils.

So, anyway North Dakota's taste palate is more broad than you might have thought, no?


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