Zombies were out to chase the human runners at the Mandan Zombie Run 5K at Prairie West Golf Course on Saturday evening (October 14th).

Chad Hatzenbuhler spearheaded the event that was tagged as "chase or be chased." Runners in the event were either 'humans' or 'zombies.'

The humans wore flag-football flags as they attempt to make it to the safe zone (the finish line) with at least one flag. Zombie runners are released about one minute after humans begin the race and attempted to collect all the flags they could from humans to infect as many as possible before they get to the safe zone. Each flag represented a ‘life.’ If a human lost all their flags (lives), they’re 'infected.' Luckily, it seems like every came away relatively healthy.


HOT 97.5 was on hand to provide the eerie haunting music prior to the start of the race and upon finishing the race, runners were able to jam out to their favorite hits.

The following runners placed as such for the 'humans':

  • 1st Place - Clay Radenz
  • 2nd Place - Kyle Nelson
  • 3rd Place - Bradley Lantz

And for the 'zombies':

  • 1st Place - Eric Wald
  • 2nd Place - Derek Mosat

The zombie that collected the most flags (11) was Gavin Soul.

Congrats to the winners and everyone that participated in the event!



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