Our friends at Bismarck's Party America helped Jax get ready for Halloween with a zombie makeup tutorial.  

We all know the best part of Halloween is the makeup and costumes. Party America’s Dennis used Woochie by Cinema Secrets to execute this creepy but cool zombie makeup.

Surprisingly, a zombie is one of the easiest things to be on Halloween because it's hard to mess up the makeup. Dennis used a grey color to imitate 'dead skin' and built up the skin using a Woochie product. Once that dried, he used a tweezer to pull the product away from the skin to create a wound. A helpful hint: use a q-tip to get blood into the wound. Don't forget to blend it with your finger and add some bruising around your eyes!

Maybe a zombie isn't your thing. Party America also hooked Lauren up with makeup to imitate bruises and injuries using a fake piece of broken glass!

The possibilities are endless for Halloween so get creative and feel free to ask the friendly staff at Party America for help!

Happy Halloween!