Let's be blunt- thank you to North Dakota Game and Fish for not posting the decapitated elk picture on Facebook back in February...because there was one.

I'm familiar with this story from reports back on February 24th, 2021- here's ND Game and Fish's Facebook entry.  Two impressive bull elk were found shot dead.  One had had it's head removed for it's rack. Neither animal had any meat removed. They estimate the killings took place on February 17th. It happened at the intersection of 40th Street and 109th Avenue of Keene, ND.   A $2,000 reward was offered for information leading to apprehension.

Keene Township is about three hours northwest of here, just west of New Town. Wow, Keene has over a hundred avenues?  Don't worry, I do know why it's that way, but it still amuses me.

But Keene is not amused.  Not one little bit.

It'll soon be coming up on two months since the incident, I can only assume this act has just continued to stew the juices of the good people of Keene. So if a $2,000 dollar reward isn't going to loosen some lips, then what if you pile on another $1,600 in motivation money?  OK they did!  A group of eight anonymous local landowners reached in their pockets to help capture a poacher.

Well, I'm in on this to pass the word around.  Share the story with your friends.  Reach into your heart and realize how that one jerk you know has an elk rack and you're pretty darn sure he never mentioned having a license.

So go ahead, claim that sweet cash and turn in that dumb ass.

Game and Fish is asking anyone with information about the illegal taking of the two bull elk to call the state’s Report All Poachers hotline at (701) 328-9921. Callers can remain anonymous if they choose and are eligible for a reward if a conviction is made based on information they provide.

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