I've been pretty vocal over the years about how bad of drivers we have in North Dakota.

Most of my complaints have been about how so many of our drivers in the Roughrider State really have no clue when it comes to things you should've learned back in driver's education.

Like using your blinker.  Knowing when to use that blinker.  Learning the rules of the road.  I nearly witnessed another accident in my development last night because people have no idea how to drive in an open intersection (uncontrolled intersection). Common sense and courtesy go long way when you're behind the wheel.

Not in North Dakota however.  We have some of the worst drivers in America.

And, it's not just me saying it.  Statistics show it.  According to an article from Quote Wizzard, North Dakota has the 6th worst drivers in the United States.  We would probably be a few notches higher, but somehow we don't get into a lot of accidents.

However, there are 3 glaring statistics that are pretty sad.

We are the 2nd WORST state for the number of speeding tickets issued.

I myself admit to having somewhat of a lead foot, but I never go more than 5 miles over the speed limit, and I never get a ticket either.  Other people though (and you know who you are) love to show off driving 80, 90 miles per hour on Expressway (aka the Bismarck Autobahn) on the way to work every morning.

We are the 2nd WORST state for DUIs issued.

In this day and age, and all the options you have not to drink and drive, this is just plain sad.  Don't do it!  EVER!

We are the 3rd WORST state for the number of citations given out.

Most of these citations are for things like texting and driving.  You know, distracted driving.  Again, just don't do it!  EVER!

Okay, I'll get off my soap box.  We have a lot of work to do in North Dakota when it comes to driving.  Now use your damn blinker.

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