Getting Roasted

People are constantly passing through the area, and most of those who visit have nothing but nice things to say. That said, there are a few people who've taken it upon themselves to roast us. Here are some of the 'bad' reviews I've stumbled upon while looking through the Yelp website.

We've All Done It

Whether you want to admit it or not, we've all given a bad review, whether it be on the internet for all to hear, or simply by word of mouth. And... let's be honest nothing is ever perfect. These things happen.

I'd also like to point out, that it was very difficult to find negative reviews, which ultimately is a win for the BisMan community.

A Trend

When looking at all these Yelp reviews, I did notice a trend. Most of them came from people who were just passing through, or people who had just moved here. I have to think there's something to that. Maybe they are just used to something else. Maybe it's just a matter of nothing being as good as home. Or, maybe it was just a bad one-off. Who knows?


Disclaimer: I did remove the business names from these reviews. I'm not here to bash anyone, and these weren't my experiences. This is purely for entertainment, and sometimes it's good to hear from our critics.  Also, everyone is entitled to their wrong opinions.

So, here are a few things you just have to laugh at it.

Here are the 5 most hilariously bad reviews posted on the site.

Bad BisMan Yelp Reviews Left By Out-Of-Towners



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