We've all visited a few places in BisMan that have given us the creeps, or at the very least, made us feel a bit uncomfy. Whether it be the people that frequent the area, or just the look of the place, there are a few places many of us try to avoid day-to-day.

Bismarck Crime Grade

Did you know Bismarck's crime grade is a "C-" ? This means crime in Bismarck is slightly higher than the average U.S. city, according to CrimeGrade.org.

Where Are You Safest?

According to the source, the safest place to be in Bismarck is the Northeast side. Your chances of being victim to a crime is 1 for every 97 people.

Is The South Side Really Unsafe?

Many of us believe the South end of Bismarck is an unsafe, sketchy area, but is this true according to crime rates? -- In short, yes. The source explains that your chances of being victim to a crime in this area is as high as 1 in 18.

Sketchiest Spots In Bismarck

We've compiled a list of the "Top 6 Sketchiest Spots in Bismarck-Mandan".

** Note: This is not intended to offend or slight anyone. This is for entertainment and educational purposes. **

Sketchiest Spots In Bismarck

Here are some places you may want to avoid.

There you have it. I'm sure there are other areas that you might consider sketchy, and/or try to avoid, but those are the top six most sketchy spots in Bismarck.

Again, I do apologize if anyone feels personally offended by this; these areas were chosen according to crime statistics and word-of-mouth.

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