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Getting Nostalgic

We love things that remind of of our youth. This is the perfect occasion to reminisce and dance and drink and have an awesome time.

69 Boyz

Yep, 69 Boyz will be making an appearance in Bismarck North Dakota.

An announcement came across my timeline from Crossroads Tavern. This Saturday (February 17th)  69 Boyz are going to perform there!

Don’t believe me? Check out the announcement video. 

I Wouldn't Wait

If you get your tickets ahead of the show, you only have to pay $15. Tickets are $20 at the door, and they even have a VIP package you can get for $50. Keep in mind there are limited number of VIP tickets.

About 69 Boyz

69 Boyz is an American hip-hop duo from Miami. They are known for several songs, such as "Thrill Da Player," "Fast," and, of course, "Tootsee Roll," which was the group's first single that dropped in1994. It came off their debut album 199Quad. The song went platinum and reached number eight on the Billboard, Hot 100 Chart.

"To the left

to the left

to the right

to the right

to the front

to thee front

to the back

to the back

Now slide..."

Do those lyrics ring a bell? They should, because the song was played at nearly every school dance, every bowling alley, and every skating rink for years.

Are you excited to see 69 Boyz at Crossroads Tavern?

Have fun at the show, and as always, thanks for reading.


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