Some Assembly Required
Have you ever bought something and had to assemble it? Were the instructions any help? From what I've experienced, they usually aren't.
I recently bought a couch and found I had to assemble it. This caught me a bit off guard, since I don't usually think of couches as needing assembly..…
My New Go-To Phrase
Have you ever wondered why you say the things you do? Do you ever stop and think "where did I first hear this?"
Surviving A Long Work Day
Has your boss ever over-scheduled you to work more hours than you usually do? How do you handle that?
This weekend I am scheduled to work for about 14 hours on one day! For me, that's a long time to be working, so I came up with a survival kit for long work days...
Dealing With A Lie
Has somebody ever told you a lie that was so large it changed the whole way you thought about them? How did you handle it?
I recently found out somebody I care quite a bit about has been lying to me about something pretty big. Without giving too much away, this lie was something I can't just for…
The "Talk"
It happened last night after a series of confusing text messages, like a ton of bricks it swooped in where exactly is this relationship going?