Hankering some delicious homemade comfort food?  How about a desire to own a business with an already faithful customer base? A customer base that has kept the owners over the years "in business".

After serving Mandan for 77 years, Ohm's Café is for sale.

This quaint location has embodied the North Dakota spirit by making all that have come thru that door since 1946 feel as though Ohm's Café truly is "your home, away from home." The location sits perfectly on the west side of Mandan, hence the city's slogan "Where the West Begins" is quite fitting. The community of Mandan has worked hard to retain that hometown feel and with it wonderful businesses like Ohm's Cafe are standouts as a result. Currently, the restaurant takes you back in time, a feeling that many who visit love. From the German food to the homemade daily specials, the smells immediately take you back in time. The space is the perfect setting for the next generation to take the helm. Make this treasure last, versus swept away by changing times. Put a fresh spin on it or turnkey. This is an opportunity awaiting business-savvy or entrepreneurial-spirited individuals. It is not every day that a well-established and profitable café is listed. Almost as much a rarity as it is to see one last as long as this 77-year-old business has.

The Ohm's Cafe is in the heart of Mandan. Local attractions are ever-growing in downtown Mandan as well as throughout the city in addition to the special events throughout the year that add to the daily foot traffic such as Touch-A-Truck, Buggies-n-Blues, Art In The Park, and Oktoberfest. If you've not had a chance to enjoy a meal, we invite you to enjoy a hearty homemade meal and we wish the best to the current and future owner(s) of Ohm's Cafe.

Interested in learning more about becoming the new owners, reachout to Aspen Group, LLP, agent Steven Ilse. Steven Ilse phone: 701.223.2450

View the listing brochure here: CLICK HERE.

View listing here: Click Here.

Aspen Group, LLP Steven Ilse: 701.223.2450 CANVA
Aspen Group, LLP
Steven Ilse: 701.223.2450

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