Get ready for a new bookmobile. Coming this summer, The current Burleigh County Bookmobile will be upgraded for a newer model. We can expect the new bookmobile to be out-and-about starting at the end of May.

The Friends of the Library foundation set out to raise $150,000 to put towards a new bookmobile. Over the past few months, the foundation has raised $240,000, surpassing their goal by nearly $100,000. The money raised will cover more than half the cost of the bookmobile.

Since 1975, the Burleigh County Bookmobile has been bringing books to Bismarck-Mandan and surrounding areas. Over the course of year, the bookmobile makes more than 500 stops, serving about 9,000 people who check out about 50,000 items. And in the span of 20 years, the current bookmobile has put on 129,000 miles. It's due time for an upgrade, and the new bookmobile will be expected to run for about as long as the old one.

The funds for the bookmobile were received from numerous donors in the area. Grants, business partnerships, a family estate contribution, a fundraiser, and donations from board members and nearly 300 people and businesses are all sources of the funds raised.




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