It's here!

Exciting news for my fellow bookworms: Barnes & Noble has opened at its new temporary storefront in the Kirkwood Mall. You'll find it located right across from H&M, next to JC Penny's. You can't miss the big, glowing sign.

A scare

When I first heard the lease for the store wasn't renewed, I panicked. Surely they wouldn't get rid of the store altogether! To my relief, they made a plan to relocate.

A little change

While the store is smaller than it was before, you should still have all the popular genres and a pretty good selection to choose from. That said, there will be a few things missing... for now, anyway. You might also notice that the new location no longer includes a café, but, if you're like me, maybe less coffee is a good thing.

If you didn't know:

The store has been closed and in the process of relocating since late February. For those of us who love to peruse the aisles while looking for their next escape from reality, that can seem like eternity. The medical community continues to grow in Bismarck, and with that, comes a need for more space. The property is getting redeveloped as a new walk-in clinic for Sanford Health.

What's next?

We know this location is a temporary one, we still have no word on where they will permanently settle in. Any guesses? -- I'm going with the Gordman's building up North. It's big enough, right? For now, that remains a mystery.

By the way,

The store hours are as follows:

Mon-Fri 10am - 8pm

Sat 10am - 7pm

Sun 11am - 6pm


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