There is an actual petition that is in circulation proposing that North Dakota and South Dakota be combined to make up one large state known as 'MegaKota'.

The petition is currently up at asking President Trump that the two Dakotas be merged into one large state. According to KVRR, Dillan Stewart started the petition and stated that "It'd be pretty cool to have a state called 'MegaKota.'"

As of noon today, the petition is just short of 4,800 signatures and has a goal of reaching 5,000 total.

Hypothetically speaking, if North Dakota and South Dakota did combine into one state, the area of the state more than doubles in size. ND is 70,762 square miles, while SD is 77,116 square miles. MegaKota would be a total of 147,878 square miles, which is bigger than Montana (147,040 square miles).

To give you an idea of how long it would take to travel through 'MegaKota' from the top to bottom, from Pembina, ND to Vermillion, SD, it's roughly 450 miles and would take nearly six and a half hours to make the drive.

If ND and SD combined to become one state, people that aren't from the Dakotas would also not be wrong anymore when they assume that our state is where Mount Rushmore is.

And perhaps MegaKota could adopt that 80 mile per hour interstate speed limit that resides in South Dakota.

Those are just some random thoughts on what could happen if 'MegaKota' would, one day, become a reality. If you'd like to jump on board with the petition for 'MegaKota' to happen, click here.

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