Another Bismarck business will be closing its doors for good by Christmas.

Sadly, another local business will soon be out of business. Salt Cave Wellness Relaxation Center will be permanently closed on December 24, 2021. If you have a gift card to the soon-to-be-closed Salt Cave, there are instructions on how to use a gift card before the center is closed for good.

Himalayan salt is beneficial to humans in many different ways.

Do you know what Himalayan salt is? It is that rocky pink salt that can be used is many ways. It can season food, it is made into lamps, and there are even entire rooms made with Himalayan salt. Healthy Human Life lists several benefits to consuming and using Himalayan salt is supposed to improve things like digestion, sleep, and hydration when consumed. And, when used for things other than consumption, it purifies the air, can help improve moods, and can even soothe sore muscles.

What is Salt Cave Relaxation Center?

Salt Cave Relaxation Center is a place where a person can experience the healing benefits of Himalayan salt. There is an actual cave that is covered floor to ceiling in Himalayan salt. Salt Cave's website says that sitting in the cave on zero gravity chairs while listening to peaceful music is basically the ultimate form of relaxation. Salt Cave Relaxation Center also has other relaxing services such as floatation therapy and red light therapy.

Have you ever experienced the benefits of Himalayan Salt?

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