Many of us are traveling for the holidays to visit our families, but once the tables clear and the holidays end, we start planning other trips.

Vacation Planning

We are right at the start of the winter holidays, so naturally, we're dreaming about what we will get to do when warmer days are upon us. What if we didn't have to wait until summer to pop on a swimsuit and get a little sunshine?

New Horizons

According to a press release issued on Monday (November 20th), Allegiant Airlines now offers a direct flight to the Sunshine State.

"Allegiant's announcement is excellent news for Bismarck and the surrounding region. The new service will add more options for travelers from across the region and continue to define the Bismarck Airport as the premiere airport and hub city for central and western North Dakota," said Bismarck Mayor Michael Schmitz.

Yes, starting May 15th (2024), you will be able to fly right out of the Bismarck airport and enjoy a nonstop flight to the Tampa Bay area.

The press release stated that travelers would fly out of the Bismarck Airport and land at the St. Pete/Clearwater International Airport.

Other Destination Flights

Allegiant is known for offering several other direct flights from Bismarck to Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Orlando.

The Clearwater flight will run twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Can we just acknowledge the fact that direct flights are AMAZING? Layovers, as necessary as they may be, come with challenges. You wait around for a second flight that very possibly could get delayed or cancelled. It's always such a gamble.

As you make your vacation plans, keep this new flight in mind.



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